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Ambivalent Poetry on WDD

November 14, 2013

I really wasn’t feeling World Diabetes Day today (I’m not even wearing blue. I figure that’s for others who support me to do. But I didn’t really tell anyone it’s WDD, so…). It’s my fourth one as a type 1 and every year has lost a wee bit of grandeur. This day isn’t any different than other days for anyone with diabetes. Our pancreases don’t behave any differently, and we don’t get a day off work.

I wasn’t gonna write anything, til I peaked at Kerri’s blog, and got inspired to write an impromptu poem to mark this day. Cuz when I’m sick of talking about something, I might as well try making it rhyme.


World Diabetes Day – 2013

Diabetes came my way
3 .5 years ago, to the day
And ain’t it true, that famous sayin’
That nothing since has been the same.

The first thought I had when diagnosed
Was, “holy crap, I really hope
That this is the kind I can treat with pills
Cuz I CAN’T take shots…nope, I NEVER will.”

Well ain’t it funny, the things we do
when we really, simply, kinda have to.
And taking shots, as it turns out,
Is actually the easy part.

I’d try to spell it out again
how much crap goes into stayin’
alive, and well, and on my feet
and out of debt, with diabeets,

But frankly, I’m so sick of saying
all that stuff, all this complaining,
and equally quite sick am I
of always seeing the positive side.

So go ahead and read this blog
If you wanna hear it all –
the highs the lows, the lessons learned –
It’s all been felt, and even heard.

Meanwhile I’ll try to go about my day
Without diabetes in the way,
and hope that we instead can be
like partners cohabiting easily.

Not to pretend that this disease
is not completely 100% shitty,
But I try to take it by the hand,
cuz it’s a part of who I am.

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