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My Breakup letter to Quick-set

November 27, 2011

Dear Quick-set,

We have tried.  I have given you chances.  I have forgiven you when you have failed. And I won’t discount the good times we have shared. It hasn’t been all bad, that’s for sure.

But let me be honest with you.  Twice in the last twenty four hours you have let me down, again. I pulled out the two infusion sets today to find the cannulas kinked, and that’s after suffering hours of ketones, nausea, exhaustion, misery, confusion and fear since Friday. And then there was our summer together – at first it was love at first site, insulin flowing bountifully through your cannula, an intimate intercourse of flesh, fluids, plastic and ‘slin. And then the drama started.  There were occlusions. There were bent cannulas. There were inserters that jammed.  Looking back, I see our relationship has caused me more stress than it has ease.

I’ve given you free reign of my body. I’ve let you explore my belly, my back, the fleshy bits of my thigh, my tush. I’ve been patient with you. I’ve been open-minded. But maybe we just have different styles. You seem to be all into kink, which is cool and all – I’m cool like that – but not when the kink  is blocking the flow of insulin into my body.  Not when the kink leaves me high, dry, dizzy and confused. Not when it leaves me trying to wring ketones out of my hair for hours on end. Kinky cannulas? Those frankly just break my heart.

I want it to work between us, but I’ll be honest: my trust in you is ruined.  Without trust, no relationship can last.  I’m sorry. No one can accuse us of not trying. We did our best. But now it’s time for me to move on. To the mio or silhouette or something a little more laid back (like in a 45-degree angle kinda way).

Thank you for teaching me about boundaries. Thank you for doing your best, which I know you did. We had some good times. But the tough times outweigh the good. I wish you well on your journey (back to the frikkin manufacturer??).

Warmest regards,

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