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Be The Change: Please Read This Post

April 1, 2011

Sometimes I forget why I started this blog in the first place.

I started it because, somewhere between learning that I had an incurable, chronic illness that would likely shave years off my life, and recognizing, with a clarity I’d never known before, that I want to stay alive as long as I can, I began to run.

Last October, I signed up for an international half-marathon with the Canadian Diabetes Asssociation, committing to both running my longest distance ever, and fundraising an amount that kinda intimidated me.

On November 1st, 2010, the start of Diabetes Awareness Month, I emailed everyone I knew, announcing my new campaign. Hundreds of dollars poured in within hours. I was overwhelmed. Running with Diabetes was off.

My campaign got off with a bang in November, with my numbers surpassing three thousand by Christmas. Then I cooled off a bit with the fundraising. I focused on blogging, meditating, and plain old running instead.

But now it’s April, and I’ve got three thousand more bux to raise before July. Money to help improve the lives of millions of people coping with the same strange hardships I deal with every day.


Somewhere in that first email I mentioned I would be keeping a blog that would track my progress with this campaign. I figured it’d good to have a web presence.

But this blog has become much more than a progress-tracker for me. Sure, blogging has been as therapeutic for me in my healing process as running and insulin-management, and it has provided an invaluable outlet.

Above all though, I have turned to this blog as a way to inspire.


I hope that this blog inspires other diabetics to stay optimistic about their disease, and to see personal health advocacy as a rewarding and empowering challenge.

I hope that this blog inspires non-diabetics to turn the curveballs life throws at them into something positive, to see the valuable lessons embedded in every hardship and struggle we face.

I hope that this blog inspires people to RUN, eat joyous foods, and live happily wholesome lives, because health and wellness is a birthright we must all lay claim to.

And, finally, I hope this blog inspires others to donate to diabetes, because they’ve learned a little something about life with this illness that they would like to help change.


I am appealing to you, dear readers near and far, to consider donating this month to my Canadian Diabetes Association half-marathon.

If you’ve been moved by the glimpses into diabetes management you’ve gotten on this blog, please consider donating. Now that you know a bit more about life with this disease, you can help change it.

If you’ve been inspired to run a bit more often, or eat better food to lengthen your life, please consider donating. Your donation will help the CDA lobby on important issues regarding health, fitness, and the prevention of Type 2.

If you’ve been entertained by this blog, consider donating. While this blog is an absolute labour of love, I do spend hours a week on it with the hopes of raising awareness about diabetes. Even five bucks – the cost of a magazine – could help raise awareness at a legislative level.


I don’t claim to advocate for the most urgent cause in the world. Especially given the news headlines of the past few months, I am humbled to be campaigning for an illness I am managing just fine with.

But while I am managing fine – for now – millions are not. Diabetes, the fastest growing disease in recorded history, claims hundreds of souls a day, and ravaging the lives of parents, children, families and adults around the world. Tragedy strikes in many forms.

Yes, I am running with diabetes. But ultimately, I am running for diabetes. Consider joining me. Consider supporting this cause.


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  1. Narges permalink
    April 1, 2011 1:24 pm

    Beautifully written, as always. And a reminder that I must finally make a donation 🙂 Great job, Sarah! You are an inspiration to many, probably more than you know.

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