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Got me a date! (Actually, several…in my pocket…at all times.)

February 1, 2011

I never leave the house without emergency glucose. Neither do most (responsible) diabetics. Blood sugar’s a funny little bugger, and you never know when you’re gonna accidentally ride high and need a hit of insulin, or suddenly drop too low and need a touch of sugar.

Rare (but wonderful) is the long-ish run or hour-long spinning class that I can get through without boosting my blood sugar with a quick snack. Thankfully, rare is long-ish run or spinning class that I must cut short because my blood sugar dropped too low, and if I keep going it’ll get dangerous.

(Those used to happen a lot. I tell ya, it sucks to be 4 miles from home, feeling high as a kite and pumped to run another 4, when suddenly your glucose meter tells you you’re half-a-mile away from falling flat on your face. I’ve learned how to gauge how high a reading I need to get through an hour of exercise, and also to test and snack regularly once I get going. Of course, diabetes being what it is, some days those calculations are totally off. It sucks, but is fine.)



I know diabetics are supposed to carry around “glucose tabs,” but frankly I’m not interested in eating that pure refined sugar. Isn’t that stuff bad for you?! When I’m feeling high with energy and life, running like a fiend over hill and dale and needing a fuel-up, the last thing I feel like is a bunch of processed garbage toxifying my pristine temple-of-a-body. White sugar has always made me feel like crap, and one of the best things about diabetes has been the way I’ve almost totally cut it from my life. It feels incredible.

So no thank you Dex-4, I will not be needing your artificially-flavoured, overly-packaged tablets of powdery candy.

My favorite way to boost my blood sugar, by far, is with dates. Three dates is usually enough to pull me from a mild hypo attack quickly and efficiently. Dry dates travel well on runs, fit easily in pockets and purses, and can be popped into my both discreetly and easily. I can run-and-chew a date, and do it often. Dates never make me feel icky the way that glucose tablets do. They make me feel strong, rejuvenated, and ready for more fun. That they are chock-full of iron, a mineral I’m usually deficient in, can’t hurt.


Saving lives since 2010.

Much like used test-strips litter my life like confetti, dates and date-parts reside in many unlikely places in my home. Sometimes I find plastic bags of dates fresh out of the laundry. Yesterday I found a date pit in my bed (helloooooo night-hypos). Every purse I own has at least one plastic date-bag – some empty, some bulging with three lucky nuggets of life. Last week I found a plastic bag-full of flattened black mush in my choir folder, recognizable to no one but me as aged medjool.

I eat a lot of damn dates. I primp and fuss over countless glucose adjustments throughout the day, like a soapstone artist constantly shaving, chipping, and tapping away at the perfect form. Keeping glucose-levels stable is a refined art. A tad bit too much insulin for lunch? A slightly later dinner? Saturday morning and I want to go back to bed for a couple hours? Pop a date or two. Fix ‘er right up. Keep ‘er steady.

I would NOT tinker so liberally if I were dealing with glucose tablets. While pure sugar is better than nothing in a moment of crisis, pure sugar is still pure sugar. It generally makes people feel like crap.

I got me a date. Many, actually. In every possible nook and cranny of my life.

What’s your favorite glucose source? (I say to my ever-growing readership of people-with-diabetes. Thank you for visiting my budding blog!)

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  1. February 3, 2011 8:41 pm

    great idea! I love dates 🙂 and I love your positive attitude. I know you haven’t had diabetes long but, hang on to the positivity! It will save you on those rainy days 🙂

    • February 4, 2011 9:18 am

      Thank you Sysy! Positivity comes and goes, but overall I’m thankful I never once got “angry” about this diagnosis. Although sometimes I wonder if a little bit of anger might be normal and healthy. I embrace the ways that diabetes can be empowering, and yes, that does carry me through the rainy days!! Thanks for stopping by!

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