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Sarah Becomes a Philanthrope! My Monthly Tithing Update

January 18, 2011

Faithful Running with Diabetes readers will recall my New Year’s Resolution to give 100 dollars a month to charity for the year 2011.

Well, I’m not punking out on that one! January is half-way done, and so is my quota for donations this month (half-way done, that is…not done). I’ve so far parted with 50 bones and am mulling over how to part with the other fiddy. Here’s the breakdown so far:

  • 20 dollars went to a friend’s important documentary on AIDS orphans in Tanzania.
  • 30 went to Insulin For Life – an incredible Australian organization that collects (VERY EXPENSIVE) unwanted insulin, test strips and glucose meters and ships them to developing countries for the people who need it most.

Insulin for Life is truly remarkable. Below you can read the thank-you email they sent me. I foresee giving monthly donations to them, because honestly, their mission is just so aligned with my global concerns right now as a diabetic.

As for the remaining fifty: I’m taking this process very seriously, and am carefully researching/pondering where I feel my values are aligned this month, that I can match it with a meaningful, strongly intentioned donation. But so far I’m looking at giving to Food Secure Canada, or finding some good children’s music group that has a scholarship program so I can help support a kid who can’t afford choir fees. Donating towards the music programs at the Montreal Children’s Hospital is also on my radar. Stay tuned.

Giving feels good. It fosters an abundance-mentality, and I sure feel abundant these days. Is it weird that yesterday was minus-25 degrees and yet I was just so happy to go outside and take long freezing walks to my wonderful rehearsals? In any case, I feel tremendously lucky, and generally very happy, and quite peaceful in my heart. Peaceful enough at least to part with 100 smackeroos a month and trust that they will return to me, alchemized into something even more precious than when I parted with them.

From Insulin For Life:

Dear Sarah Pearson,

Thank you very much for the donation you gave to Insulin for Life.  .

It really makes a big difference to some of the needy people in the world.

Your receipt is attached.  Also attached is an article in a Victorian Diabetes Magazine which came our a short time ago.


We recently were included in a program by Diabetes Hands Foundation which had people watching a video as often as once a day between 1st and 14th November, and for each click Roche Diagnostics would donate money equal to one weeks supply of insulin for a child in need.  There were over

120,000 clicks.  The money donated was divided between Insulin for Life and Life for a Child (also an Australian organization )


With some of the money Insulin for Life received we will be running two camps for children in Ecuador, which includes diabetes education, diabetes supplies and getting to learn the abilities that they can use – just like people without diabetes.   The children at these camps learn to play hard and learn hard, such things on how to avoid a hypo, adjust their dosage to meet the food eaten, and generally to take control of themselves as part of a team instead of leaning on the doctor all the time..


We are very excited about this as there are so many children in Ecuador without this knowledge at present.


Best wishes,


Faye Kirkwood


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