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Give a Kid Insulin in Developing Countries

November 3, 2010

I am one of those rare, lucky Type 1s that waited til adulthood to do away with my islet cells. The gratitude I feel for this is enormous.

Diabetes is a subtle little bugger. It requires continual fine-tuning – life affects blood sugar, and life changes minute to minute. A responsible diabetic needs to think broadly, also minutely, about the whole picture: from the glycemic index of their last snack, to the length of that walk to the health-food store, to the level of stress they happen to feel, to when their latest shot of insulin will peak.

It’s not easy! And while it feeds the OCD Virgo in me, it can still be stressful. I still get nervous whenever I’m out on a longish bike ride, run or walk about my blood sugars suddenly dropping too low. Rare is the moment my mind is not “elsewhere,” thinking pancreatically. At least 15% of my brain at any given time is focused on my BG, considering whether scarfing down a couple of dates will level it out or make it spike.

But I’m a grown-up. I can do math, and make quick calculations. I can think abstractly, and consider multiple factors. I have the cognitive skills required to manage diabetes.

Young kids don’t.

Stories I read about kids with diabetes just break my heart, and remind me how lucky I am. Many of these stories will come out in later posts.

For now, I ask you to watch this video. Why? Because with every viewing of this video, money will be donated to a charity that provides insulin to diabetic kids in 3rd World countries. Watch this, and you’ll help save a kid’s life.

So…watch it! It’s touching, and the music’s great!

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